I am a life long technology enthusiast and wrote my first computer program at the tender age of nine.

This web site is my personal blog. Here I share opinions on technology and what I’m working on with a smattering of daily life thrown in for good measure. You won’t see anything about politics or religion here. There are some photo galleries and pictures taken when out and about. The “static” portion of this site is no where near complete yet and sections will be added describing favourite tools and technologies plus some hints and tips learned along the way.

A geek and proud of it, I attend science fiction conventions once in a while and am a huge, huge fan of Star Trek with a preference for The Next Generation. An avid reader, I usually have at least two books on the go at a time. I’ve had an Internet mail address since the early 90’s and this domain for almost as long.

I’m a life long photographer – taking my first photos before writing that first line of code. In addition, I’m learning to play acoustic rock/folk guitar and fumble around on the piano once in while. And don’t get me started on gadgets, I’m always carrying the latest model mobile phone and wrote this on an iPad. Is that evidence enough?

I’m an aspiring voice actor and have embarked on the first batch of training. My first demos up.

September, 2014.
Ian Pedoe.
Ontario, Canada.