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This makes me glad that I didn’t go ahead with that Creative Cloud subscription after all.

What’s with Apple in Canada? It’s impossible to find an iPad 2 anywhere except on the Apple Canada website. grumble

Torchlight II – Runic Games.

Torchlight II coming next year. With multi-player co-op. Oh yes!

BlackBerry Playbook announced! |

New Blackberry Tablet Announced!

Netflix Comes to Canada.

September 24, 2010

Netflix Canada – Unlimited TV Shows Online & Movies Online.

It’s arrived in Canada, finally! But here’s my take. The Canadian version of this service is great if you are a movie junkie but TV? Not so much. I don’t see any of my favourite shows. NCIS, Stargate, et al… The site says, “Not Available”.

I had hoped this could be a cheap replacement for my ridiculously expensive cable service. Nice try Netflix but not yet.

How to Detect a Photoshopped Image.

Fascinating article on Photoshop fakery.

There’s fun to be had. If you’re a geek that is!


May 29, 2010

This device is a remarkable thing. I’ve now played the harp, card games, fed fish in a koi pond, and made music in many different ways. Good night!

Guess what?

May 29, 2010

Guess what folks? The Apple iPad was released internationally today and that included Canada. So, I bought one. The 32GB 3G model. It truly is an amazing device. So far I’ve played music, navigated maps, composed a blog entry, and glommed at the solar system. More as I play around.


March 5, 2010

People complain about there being no Flash on the iPad or iPhone. Have you seen what Flash does to the CPU on your machine? I can hear the CPU fan crank up on my laptop whenever there’s a Flash ad or animation. So much so that I’ve been tempted to disable it. With HTML 5 in the works I’m glad they’re ignoring Flash. It’s mostly just used for annoying adverts anyhow…